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Australian Group wins bid to move Clipper to Adelaide

The Scottish Minister for Culture and External Affairs, Fiona Hyslop, has named the Australian Group, The Clipper Ship, City of Adelaide, as the preferred bidder to move the internationally important vessel, also known as the Carrick, which has lain on a slipway in Irvine for over a decade.

Ms Hyslop said: �The City of Adelaide has an illustrious past shared by two nations, Scotland and Australia. This bid gives us the opportunity to save the ship build on that link and open up the potential for both countries to recognise partnerships and shared heritage on an international scale.

�We can now have a link between Scotland and Australia which allows both nations to share the vessel�s historical, cultural and social significance through tourism, interpretation and education. If the vessel moves within the timescales suggested, the ship will arrive in Adelaide in time for the celebration of South Australia �s Jubilee Year in 2011 celebrating the 175th anniversary of the State.

�I was impressed and inspired by the enormous commitment shown by the Australian and Sunderland groups for the vessel. I am aware that everyone who worked on the unsuccessful bid will be disappointed. However, because of the need for the vessel to be removed from its current location, a viable alternative to deconstruction had to be identified in order to save the ship.

�I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the process, the bidders, the Scottish Maritime Museum, National Historic Ships and North Ayrshire Council for the commitment to preserving the vessel in the most appropriate way.�

A report looking at possible options for the City of Adelaide was commissioned by Historic Scotland and will be available online shortly. The options were: managed deconstruction of the vessel for recording and public display; relocation in Scotland ; and two bids by Clipper Ship City of Adelaide Ltd (CSCoAL) and the Sunderland City of Adelaide Recovery Foundation (SCARF), to remove the vessel from Scotland.

The Minister has now instructed Historic Scotland to ensure the bid team and all other parties are aware of the requirements necessary to progress the project to completion.

Sam Galbraith, Chair of Trustees, Scottish Maritime Museum, also welcomed the announcement. He said: �This is a great step forward. We were delighted with the quality of the Australian bid as they clearly thought through the way they would deal with the challenging task of moving the boat.�

Rosemary McKay, of the City of Adelaide Preservation Trust, who is currently visiting the Maritime Museum, said: �I am ecstatic about today�s announcement and I�m very emotional. There is now a lot of hard work ahead and the Australian team will need a lot of support. The main aim has always been to save the ship. Now she will be going home Port Adelaide, where she belongs.�

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