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Sea of Dangers � Captain Cook and his Rivals

In 1769, two ships were searching intensely for a missing continent, a new America, believed to lie somewhere between Australia and South America. The large French merchant ship (the St. Jean-Baptiste) was commanded by Jean de Surville, and the small British naval vessel (the Endeavour) commanded by James Cook.

De Surville reached the coast near Botany Bay months before Cook arrived. Weeks later, in New Zealand waters, the two captains were almost within sight of each other, though neither knew of the other�s existence.

In Sea of Dangers, Geoffrey Blainey tells the fascinating story of there two rival ships and the men who sailed them � their daily lives and thoughts; the hardships (scurvy, storms, loneliness) and pleasures (discovery, trade, women).

These were voyages that changed the history of Australia and New Zealand. Sea of Dangers throws new light on Captain Cook, early Australia and the long-forgotten French voyage.

Geoffrey Blainey is one of Australia�s most significant and popular historians. He has written more than thirty books including The Tyranny of Distance, Triumph of the Nomads, A shorter History of Australia, Black Kettle and Full Moon and the best-selling A Short History of the World which has been translated into many languages.

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