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Australia's Historic Vessels Top 200

By David Payne Curator ARHV

Australian Register of Historic Vessels has just nominated another 23 craft to join the 202 craft already listed since the project was launched early in 2007

Once again it is a diverse range of craft which shows off the rich variety of historic vessels that still survive, and most are in private ownership. The three dinghies are the smallest craft: a �galvanised iron� one from Echuca, the clinker boat that belonged to Myra Burgess in Tasmania, and an example of a tender or lifeboat off a ferry that ended up on Lord Howe Island, then New Zealand .

The launches added include Porpoise, formerly the Macpherson Robertson, which was used in the Antarctic, the lovely Waiben (pictured), a Norman Wright built craft that was the Pilot vessel for Thursday island and hopes to go back next year for its 60th birthday, and two great examples of Australian amateur designed and built craft from the 1940s, Shallimar and Oceanspray.

Yachts are covered too, with my uncle�s design for the Tasman Seabird Maris, another 21 Foot Restricted Class Tassie Too, and Alwyn, an A Class from the Derwent. X.L.C.R, Tinkerbell, and Lavina II are trawlers and fishing craft, while at the big end we have two tugs, Pegasus from the early 1900s and Wattle, well known in Victoria, along with the ferry Cartela from Tasmania. These craft and all the others recently added all have stories to tell, so visit the site on

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